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Burnout and Stress

Mother Working from Home

Counselling for Stress and Burnout in South London and Online
Support for stressed out professionals and entrepreneurs 

Burnout and stress does not discriminate! You may be a digital nomad struggling to find your next gig. A budding entrepreneur wearing many different hats in order to get your business off the ground.

A high profile executive that is constantly responding to every email, even passed midnight. Not even counsellors are immune against these feelings! 

Like many employees or business owners, you may have been excited in the beginning putting in countless hours to make your dream a reality. You may have finally started seeing results or bypassed your initial goals, but something shifted and things are starting to feel overwhelming and that early buzz is slowly dying.

Not forgetting life's other daily struggles that are playing a part in you feeling crappy. By working together with a focus on burnout and stress, you will start to regain that spark for your passion again and begin enjoying life to the fullest.

Working From Home
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