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 Counselling for Burnout and Stress in South London and Online

Support for stressed out teachers and professionals 

Fed up of feeling run down at work and at home? Always having a never ending to-do list? Constantly just going through the motions? Experiencing Sunday blues every week? This is where reflective practice sessions can give you the mental and emotional boost that you need!

Due to my background working in schools and seeing how teachers' mental health is not always valued, despite them having such a difficult, but rewarding role. This was the catalyst for me to start delivering fortnightly/monthly one-to-one reflective practice sessions with teachers, senior leaders and other school frontline workers

How reflective practice sessions can help you

The sessions will allow you to have a dedicated and safe space that eradicates the fear of any potential repercussion from management related to what was discussed. We look at work-related issues, i.e. the strain of endless marking; anxious about completing your NQT year; having difficult conversations with colleagues or the pressures of managing increasing class sizes. We also look at personal issues that may be affecting your performance at work as sometimes workplaces forget that you have a life outside of the work environment. 


Unlike a lot of coaching initiatives that are provided to staff to support their career development, reflective practice helps combat stress and burnout. 

Is this only for teachers?

london entrepreneur.jpg

NO! Burnout and stress does not discriminate! You may be a digital nomad struggling to find your next gig. A budding entrepreneur wearing many different hats in order to get your business off the ground. A high profile executive that is constantly responding to every email, even passed midnight. Not even counsellors are immune against these feelings! 

Like many employees or business owners, you may have been excited in the beginning putting in countless hours to make your dream a reality. You may have finally started seeing results or bypassed your initial goals, but something shifted and things are starting to feel overwhelming and that early buzz is slowly dying.

Similar to reflective practice for teachers, weekly individual therapy with a focus on burnout and stress can help you regain that spark.