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Supervision for school professionals 

Fed up of feeling run down at work and at home? Always having a never ending to-do list? Constantly just going through the motions? Safeguarding issues continually playing on your mind? This is where supervision sessions can give you the professional and emotional boost that you need!​

Due to my background working in schools and seeing how teachers' mental health is not always valued, despite them having such a difficult, but rewarding role. This was the catalyst for me to start delivering weekly/fortnightly one-to-one supervision sessions with teachers, safeguarding leads, senior leaders and other school frontline workers.


How supervision sessions can help you

The sessions will allow you to have a dedicated and safe space that eradicates the fear of any potential repercussion from management related to what was discussed. We look at work-related issues, i.e. the strain of endless marking; anxious about completing your NQT year; constant safeguarding concerns; having difficult conversations with colleagues or the pressures of maintaining classroom behaviour management.

We also look at personal issues that may be affecting your performance at work as sometimes workplaces forget that you have a life outside of the work environment. ​

"I felt that this was much-needed reflective space where I was able to offload any emotional transference that took place within my role. In addition, I was able to get great feedback that enabled me to do my job properly.


Latoya is a well-rounded skilled, professional individual whom not only offers therapeutic support but also is knowledgeable in systemic family support work. She is skilled and experienced within the mainstream education level and this is an added bonus when seeking supervision.


It was always beneficial to have someone that was separate from my work place and was there to have that super vision (offering a 3rd eye point of view)".

— Natasha A. Therapeutic Play and Creative Practitioner

What does supervision sessions include?

  • Fortnightly or monthly one-hour supervision sessions via Zoom or​ telephone

  • An intensive accountability partner to support you with your professional and personal development  

  • Critically unpick difficult safeguarding cases so you are able to gain more clarity in your role and response 

  • Benefit from theoretical approaches and my varied school-based experience to tackle real-life school issues 

  • Provide you with insight on child development, trauma-informed practices, and the skills to effectively work with parents to gain better outcomes for the students.
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