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  • LaToya Henry

5 reasons why you should try online counselling

Do you remember the days when online dating sounded weird? Whereas now, so many people are using different platforms to find their next potential soulmate. Sometimes I feel like everything we do nowadays is always connected to the internet (including me writing this blog post).

At the start of my counselling training, I was unsure if could you provide ‘proper’ therapy via video call. However, whilst being a client myself, I had the opportunity to try it out and be able to compare it to my experience of traditional face to face counselling. Yes, there are minor drawbacks, as having a screen between two people can create a sense of division. However, if you are working with a good therapist, you won’t even notice the difference.

What are the benefits of having online counselling?

1. Choice of counsellor

When you finally make the decision to find a counsellor, it can be so overwhelming scrolling through countless profiles on different directories (trust me, I’ve been there too!) Often there are different factors that make you choose a particular therapist, i.e. their location, because who wants to be travelling for miles at 7pm every week on a Thursday evening?! Online counselling widens your choice of who you can choose

2. Provides continuity

For many of people that have to work away from home a lot or if you want to go away for an extended period of time, online counselling allows you to still meet with your counsellor on a regular basis

3. More accessible for different demographics

Let’s remember that there are many people that live in remote areas of the country, so travelling to their nearest city weekly is not always an option. Also, not every counsellor's office has adaptations for people living with additional physical needs

4. Convenient times

Imagine the beauty of having therapy during your lunch break or once your children have gone to bed. No need to travel and you can continue with your day to day schedule once you have finished your session. Even better you could be in your pyjamas ready for bed!

5. Being comfortable

It can be incredibly daunting going to your counsellor's office or home, especially for the first few sessions. Sometimes there are those awkward moments where you may bump into the previous or next client, whereas online counselling eliminates all of that.

If you are interested in online counselling and want to know more information about the service I offer, please click here.


Hi, I am LaToya.

I am all about helping people deal with their life stresses and challenges, which is my main drive working as a counsellor. I provide weekly counselling in Camberwell and Sydenham, alongside offering clients online counselling sessions. Want to learn more about the counselling services I offer? Click here for more information.

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