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Online Group Therapy For Mums

Everyone usually talks about motherhood as if it will come so natural to women from the moment they find out they are pregnant, regardless if this is their first, second or third child. 


You will instantly feel a connection with your child from the moment you hold him/her in your arms. You will be able to sleep when your baby sleeps and life will easily start to fall into place once you have read numerous baby routine books.


The reality is motherhood can be lonely, riddled with mum guilt, feelings of losing your identity, dark thoughts and dreaming about the day you will finally be able to get some proper sleep, readjusting to body and relationship changes.

Working Mom

Why group therapy for mums?

After working with countless mothers and mothers to be, I began to repeatedly hear that they would love a space to be able to talk about their journey related to motherhood, but also a space where they can be themselves, which is not always related to ‘just being a mum’


Moreover, accessing individual therapy can work out to be costly over time, especially if you may be on maternity leave, reduced hours at work or simply balancing life’s many demands. 


Group therapy will enable you to access therapy at the fraction of the cost, and be others in the same pursuit in tackling mum guilt, regaining your identity and the whirlwind of being a woman.

How does group therapy work?

Unlike many support groups for mums, group therapy will allow you to show up and not feel judged and it is not a space for others to give unsolicited advice. I am sure you have had your fair share of people constantly offering ‘helpful tips’. Also, there is an expectation that you commit to attending fortnightly sessions as this is not a ‘drop-in’ as this does not meet the needs of the group.

There is not set topics for each group therapy session, rather the participants determine the direction and focus of each session. This may look like:

  • Exploring challenging and difficult feelings and tools to combat the mental burden of motherhood 

  • Ways to overcome mum guilt and normalising negative thoughts

  • Discussing your relationships with others, whether it is your partner or friend/family

  • How becoming a parent has resulted in childhood experiences, including being parented has resurfaced

  • Reconnecting with who you are as an individual and your identity

The sessions will take place via Zoom. It is essential that you are in a private space and wear headphones to enable us to maintain confidentiality. In addition, please ensure you have good internet connection.

Each group will be capped at no more than six individuals to ensure that the session remains intimate and supportive. If someone decides to leave, their space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Sessions are fortnightly and will last up to 90 minutes and there is no scheduled end date. 

Session fees are £30 per session. Before committing to the group, £60 is required to cover your first session and the remaining £30 is assigned for your last session in the group.

Participants are encouraged to give at least two session notice before leaving, so the group has time to readjust with the upcoming change and it gives the individual time to work towards an ending, which is recommended when engaging in therapy.

Please register your interest for the next group that will be starting in September. Also, before starting the group, please arrange a free 15 minute consultation to ensure if the group will meet your needs

Thanks for submitting!

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