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Counselling in South London and Online


Camberwell SE5 and Sydenham SE26

 You may be at a stage in your life where work is becoming unbearably stressful, which is having a knock on effect on the rest of your life. This may be leading to sleepless nights, which is not helped by constantly juggling the demands of being a 'good-enough parent'. Possibly it could now be causing a rift in your relationship and has left you wondering when did all the arguments start....No one truly understands that things are day by day spiralling out of control for you.


You want to get back to that place where getting up for work is not a chore and work-life balance is not just a fantasy. Being a parent feels enjoyable again and those  initial butterflies at the start of your relationship with your partner begins to re-emerge.


If you are ready to break these cycles, let's work together to find healthy ways to manage your difficulties, make positive changes in your life and heal those old wounds.